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Washer Repair

For the avid DIY’er, nothing is more tempting than the thought of troubleshooting an issue in the home and then saving money by fixing it themselves. This mindset applies to appliance repair issues as well. However, when it comes to specific issues such as washer repair in Brantford, Waterloo, and Woodbridge, you might want to contact the Top Choice Appliance Repair specialists rather than doing it yourself.

Why DIY Repair May Not be the Best Idea

There are a number of reasons why appliance repairs should be left in the hands of the experts. Let’s start with the basics as in the power sources and utilities that are typically involved in the operation of your washing machine. All washing machines operate using electricity and water. In some cases, that water is heated by electricity, natural gas, or propane. So you have to have a working knowledge of these if you want to repair your washing machine safely and effectively.

You should also have a working knowledge of the operating mechanism, components, and parts that a washer repair job might entail. No matter what type of appliance you are thinking about repairing, one thing is certain – inexperience can be dangerous and you could be putting your household and the people living in it at risk. Is it really worth it to do that? You can avoid these safety issues by calling Top Choice Appliance Repair to come out to your Brantford, Waterloo, or Woodbridge home and do the job.

Four Types of Washing Machines

While our technicians have been factory trained and certified in all facets of appliance repair, they are familiar with a number of major brand names as well as the following types of washing machines:

Combination units

Compact models

Front-loading models

Top-loading models

No matter what the problem, Top Choice Appliance Repair can provide a wide range of washer repair services for residents of Brantford, Waterloo, and Woodbridge. Furthermore, we offer more flexible appointment setting in order to accommodate your busy schedule.

Common Repair Issues

There are a number of washing machine repair issues that our technicians have faced over the years. Most of them are factory-trained and are licensed to work on all brands and models. In most cases, the more common repair issues include:

washer doesn’t rinse soap out of clothing

washer doesn’t spin

washer doesn’t spin

washer fails to finish any of its cycles

washer has stopped working altogether

washer is leaking

washer leaves spots on clothing and other items

washer vibrates excessively

If you’ve recently noticed any of these problems or have concerns about other issues, you shouldn’t procrastinate. The sooner you contact us to identify and fix the problem, the less likelihood a more serious problem will develop. For more information about washer repair services in Ontario, contact Top Choice Appliance Repair at your earliest convenience. Our technicians and staff would be happy to help you get the desired services within your budget.