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Refrigerator Repair

Of all the appliances in your home’s kitchen, none carries as much importance as your refrigerator. Without your refrigerator, you have no means of keeping foods and other ingredients fresh or storing leftovers from a previous meal. While other appliances such as your dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave oven, oven and range, or washer and dryer are used intermittently, your refrigerator must remain operational 24 hours a day. Needless to say, any breakdown or malfunction with this appliance requires that you call for professional refrigerator repair services immediately.

At Top Choice Appliance Repair , we understand the importance of having an efficient operating refrigerator in your Brantford, or Woodbridge home. As a customer, you can take advantage of our experience and expertise where the installation, maintenance, and repair of your refrigerators are concerned. Since our company was established over a decade ago, our company has provided the highest quality appliance services at the most competitive rates throughout the Greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario. In addition to this, we have built our reputation on honesty, integrity, and customer trust.

The Different Types of Refrigerators

For added functionality and use, today’s technologically advanced refrigerators have been designed in a broad variety of styles including the following models:

bottom freezer



counter depth


French door


top freezer

Regardless of the type you have in your Brantford, Waterloo, or Woodbridge home, our technicians are highly experienced and knowledgeable at the installation, maintenance, and repair of the models we have listed above.

Common Refrigerator Problems

There are a number of problems that are commonly associated with refrigerator usage and that our Top Choice Appliance Repair technicians are very familiar with. From replacing damaged components and parts to preventative maintenance, we can take care of all your refrigerator repair needs and just about every other issue in between. The most common problems that we encounter in the field include:

Freezer is unable to maintain a constant temperature

Ice maker malfunctions or break downs

Moisture accumulation inside the refrigerator

Moisture condensation on the exterior

Refrigerator is not working at all

Refrigerator is unable to maintain a constant temperature

Water leaking out from underneath the refrigerator

Rest assured, no matter what needs to be done, our technicians will only install genuine replacement parts that are backed by the individual manufacturer’s warranty including:

-Bake igniters -cold controls

-Thermostats -valves

-Compressors and condensers -defrost heaters

-Defrost timers -door gaskets

-Evaporators and fans -ice maker components

-Replacement bulbs -solenoids

-Water filters -water inlet valves

-Door seals and switches -electrical wiring

We never suggest buying a new refrigerator on any pretext, unless it is more cost effective than trying to repair an overly damaged refrigerator. For more information regarding refrigerator repair services in Brantford, Waterloo, and Woodbridge, please contact Top Choice Appliance Repair today.