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Garbage Disposal Repair

Of all the great inventions that were born in the 20th century, one appliance that has had a major impact on our kitchen’s cleanliness is the garbage disposal. However, it goes beyond this. This amazing little appliance not only provides us with convenience, it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by keeping food waste out of the environment or more specifically, our landfills. So whenever this handy appliance malfunctions or stops working, you can call Top Choice Appliance Repair for garbage disposal repair services.

The Importance of Garbage Disposals

Whether you live in Brantford, or Waterloo, your garbage disposal does more than provide convenience and protect the environment. For instance, it dispenses food waste into the sewer (provided you have access). From there, it travels to the nearest wastewater treatment plant where organic sludge is processed and used to produce fertilizers. In fact, some wastewater treatment plants actually capture and process the bio-gases for the production of energy.

Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts

For all of the convenience and usefulness that our garbage disposals provide, it is very important to ensure that they are cared for and maintained properly in order to avoid unnecessary garbage disposal repair costs. Here are several helpful tips that we often recommend where this is concerned:

If it’s not organic matter, it doesn’t belong in your garbage disposal – be sure that organic matter (certain food waste) is the only thing you put in your disposal. Whenever possible, avoid putting corn shucks, onion skins, and any other fibrous materials in your garbage disposal. These items tangle up the blades and can lead to a variety of issues including clogged pipes, jammed up disposals, and motor malfunctions.

Never put glass, large bones, metal, or plastic items in the side of the sink where the garbage disposal is located – we guarantee that you’ll be calling Top Choice Appliance Repair for garbage disposal repair services in Brantford, Waterloo, and Woodbridge if you do. Should you experience a jam, don’t stick your hand in the disposal to clear it.

Cleanliness is a must – using your garbage disposal regularly is the best thing you can do to care for it. Doing this keeps the appliance from jamming or locking up and will prevent the moving parts of it from corroding. Furthermore, never use harsh chemicals. Put a few drops of dish soap or a few pieces of citrus peel down the disposal to keep odors to a minimum.

Sign up for one of our appliance preventative maintenance plans – you’ll be able to save money on costly garbage disposal repair services and replacement costs with one of our preventative maintenance plans. Naturally, you should call Top Choice Appliance Repair whenever you have questions regarding your disposal’s working order.

We’ll be glad to help with all aspects of garbage disposal cleaning and repairs. Don’t waste another day, call now