Do You Want Open Or Closed Burners On Your Gas Range?

For experienced cooks, the open flame on a gas range has always served as an assurance that the flame’s warmth would work to transform an uncooked item into a delicious treat. After all, an open fire provided early man with the first taste of cooked food. Still, some of the adults that prepare their family’s meal have other chores as well. For that reason, such adults often prefer a covered burner to an open one.

Benefits delivered by an open burner

• Flames can be seen; the visible flame can be controlled.
• Flames get exposed to the oxygen in the outside air. Liquid in pot comes to boil rapidly, when flame at highest setting.
• Delivers direct heat. Low heat reaches item that must be cooked slowly. This makes it easy to prepare certain ethnic foods.
• Usually has a drip pan, so that any bits of food fall into that pan, instead of into the fire.

Problems associated with open burner

• It is difficult to clean.
• A child could unknowingly use a flaming burner to start a fire.

Benefits enjoyed by family that has range with closed burners

• A seal holds pots and pans above the flames. Cooked food gets an indirect heat. This helps with cooking things like sauces.
• Unlike a metal cover on a traditional burner, the seal does not wobble; it keeps the bottom sections of a frying pan one level.
• No food can spill onto the flaming gas.
• The burners remain hidden from view; guests see the glass or ceramic covering.

Problems introduced by reliance on closed burners

A ceramic or glass covering can crack, if something falls on it. It costs money to repair a noticeable crack. The appliance repair service in Woodbridge will be able to helpful in getting it replaced or repaired. The burn rings can form on the ceramic surface, if the printed cleaning instructions have been ignored by the cook or homemaker. An overzealous homemaker might forget that it is always best to use a natural cleaner, when wiping up a spill on a range.

Which of the two will cooks tend to favor?

At this point, no one has ventured an answer to that question. While busy young adults might think that it makes sense to have the closed burners, their parents might not agree with them. Some parents grew up in places where everyone cooks dishes on an open fire. For them, it becomes difficult to control a source of heat that remains hidden from view.

Does that mean that the ranges with the open burners will become antiquated appliances? Not necessarily, it depends on what sort of recipes become available to all home cooks. Today, some recipe books encourage preparation of certain ethnic dishes, because they contain a wide variety of healthful foods.