Tips For Resolving Issues With The Freezer

There are a lot of tips to help you repair and troubleshoot some of the most common freezer problems. Included with our tips we have included advice that will help you determine when it is time to call a professional appliance repair company in Brantford.

If your freezer stops working it does not matter to you what model it is, it could be a stand-alone freezer or a refrigerator combo type freezer, you just want it fixed, and fixed quickly, before all your food is ruined and wasted. You will be better prepared to handle freezer issues if you know about the main working parts of your freezer. For most freezer repair issues, you will need to contact an appliance repair service.

Automatic Defrost

You may have an automatic defrost option on your freezer, as some models do have this feature. This automatic defrost option may have quit working, causing you a super amount of freezer problems. If the automatic defrost does not seem you be the issue, you should also check the thermostat, then the defrost timer and the defrost heater. If there does not seem to be a problem with any of these malfunctioning, you will need to call a professional to have it examined.

Freezer Compressor

If your compressor is bad, the freezer may not be cooling as it should or it may have completely stopped working altogether. The compressor of your freezer is the part that decreases the amount of gas and then increases pressure. If your compressor has stopped working, it is time to call an appliance repair center.

The Freezer Condenser

If your freezer does not seem to be cooling properly it could be a problem with the condenser. Your condenser is the part of your freezer that condenses vapor to liquid. This, in turn, produces cold air. If the condenser is the issue with your freezer, then it will not cool the freezer. You should also clean the condenser fan every so often, because dirt could cause the fan to not work which will cause your condenser to act up.

The Evaporator

Turning liquid to gas is the job of the freezers evaporator. If the problem is with your freezers evaporator, your unit will not cool as it should. If the evaporator of your freezer is not working, it is time to call a professional appliance repair service.

Most of the professional repairmen have the skill and factory training to work on any brand or model and will be able to diagnose and repair properly. They have fixed charges and it turns out to be more cost effective than trying to replace the whole unit.