Tips For Homemaker In Search of New Washer And Dryer

The key word in the title of this article is “new.” When almost all appliances had the same features, homemakers did tend to stick with those machines that had come from a familiar manufacturing plant, in other words, those associated with a familiar brand name. Today, consumers have so many different options that it pays to seek out those machines with the latest and most useful features. As experts know best, ask the advice of appliance repair technicians in Waterloo.

Do you want to stick with the old way of loading your washer?

Do you intend to buy a top loading or a front loading appliance? Top loading washers are less expensive, but none of them can equal the level of energy efficiency that is displayed by a front loading washing machine. In addition, a front loading model tends to do less damage to the washed clothes.

Do you know what size of load you will be throwing into the machines in your laundry?

If your load will weigh between 12 and 16 pounds, then you ought to buy a 4 cubic foot washer. If you expect to be doing 20 pound loads, then you need to purchase a 4.5 cubic foot appliance. The washer’s size indicates the ideal size of the dryer. The dryer should be 2 times the size of the washing machine.

Have you thought about the features you would like to have on either of your two machines?

Maybe you would like to have a dryer with a feature that is called a humidity sensor. The dryer’s cycle comes to an end whenever that sensor notes a satisfactory decrease in the humidity level within the dryer’s drum.

Some dryers have another special feature as well. It is called a steam cycle. It exposes the clothes to steam, which helps to eliminate any wrinkles. Remember, though, that any item thrown into a dryer should be relatively clean. You do not want to put steam on top of dirt.

Perhaps you would like to have touch pad controls on both appliances. Such controls let you set the temperature more precisely. You could also look at any of the washers and dryers with a delayed start time. If you alternate the laundry appliance with the delayed start time, you might be able to extend the lifetime of the items in your wardrobe.

Would it help if you could get a load started while you were shopping, and then start on the next step once you got home? If that would make your life easier, you should look at those appliances that can be controlled by a mobile app. Of course, you ought to have a device that lets you know if a requested action has not been carried out.