Do You Want Open Or Closed Burners On Your Gas Range?

For experienced cooks, the open flame on a gas range has always served as an assurance that the flame’s warmth would work to transform an uncooked item into a delicious treat. After all, an open fire provided early man with the first taste of cooked food. Still, some of the adults that prepare their family’s meal have other chores as well. For that reason, such adults often prefer a covered burner to an open one. (more…)

10 Items To Never Put In Your Dishwasher

Most of us have come to rely on our dishwashers so much that we rarely even consult our owner’s manuals anymore. But when it comes to dishwashers, the action of the water and the harsh chemical makeup of dishwasher detergents mean that some items won’t fare well being washed in that environment. In fact, most of us make some of these mistakes frequently. Here are some things you should NOT wash in your dishwasher. (more…)

Guide To Signs of Malfunctioning Water Heater

If you know anything about the date of your water heater’s installation, you may have gained already some recognition of how many more years of life that particular device has at this moment in time. Most water heaters need be replaced after they have carried out their anticipated operations for a 10 year period. Learn from appliance repair technicians in Woodbridge how to discover the date when your water heater’s operations first ensured a flow of hot water from the faucets in your home. (more…)