How An Experienced Troubleshooter Deals With Freezer Problems?

An experienced troubleshooter does not have one standard approach, when asked to help with any particular problem. Troubleshooters always analyze the situation, before suggesting a solution. Hence, appliance repair expert in Woodbridge with troubleshooting skills will note the nature of any one problem, before suggesting a possible solution.

Approach taken if freezer’s automatic defrost is not working

A breakdown in any of 3 different components could keep a freezer from defrosting automatically. The troubleshooter’s task then becomes one of identifying which of the 3 components has become defective. It could be the thermostat, the defrost timer or the defrost heater.

If the thermostat does not work, the freezer cannot detect the temperature of the items in the appliance. Their temperature falls to a low level, if a build-up of ice has taken place in the compartment where the same items have been stored.

The defrost timer determines the amount of time during which warm air will be hitting the build-up of ice. The defrost heater is supposed to create that warm air. The 3 components are supposed to work together.

Approaches taken if freezer does not cool

This could be due to a defect in the compressor. The compressor decreases the volume of gas, which increases the pressure of the same gas. As the gas comes under pressure, it can change its chemical state. In other words, it changes from a gas to a liquid.

The freezer’s inability to cool could be due to a problem with the condenser. The condenser changes the vapor into a liquid. The condensation triggers the production of cool air. A condenser will not work if its fan gets dirty. Hence, the cleaning of the condenser’s fan would be carried out by the troubleshooter.

After the vapor turns into a liquid and creates cool air, the process must be repeated. That repetition ensures the constant production of cool air. Yet that repetition can only take place if the evaporator is working. In other words, a defective evaporator could keep a freezer from displaying cooler temperatures.

The troubleshooter’s experience does not provide him or her with the ability to fix a thermostat, a defrost timer or a defrost heater. Neither does it give that same person the ability to fix a compressor, a condenser or an evaporator. Still, troubles shooters can notice when such a component must be replaced.

That discovery signals the need to contact a professional repair technician. Naturally, that same technician gets his or her job done faster, if the request for help has included mention of the part that has to be replaced. That fact helps to underscore the significance of the troubleshooter’s role, if a freezer has failed to function properly.