What Are The Common Malfunctions In The Oven Or Stove?

Have you ever had your oven to go out on you during your favorite family dinner? This nightmare happens all the time and when it does, the family may end up ordering out instead and the stories are kept alive for years to come. In addition to ruining your planned meal, you may find yourself without an oven because there was a problem. Could you fix that problem yourself or do you need to call someone to fix it for you? There may be some simple solutions to your stove and oven problem that an appliance repair expert in Waterloo can resolve.

Faulty Gas or Electricity Supply

If your stove and oven are run with gas, you may have a stop up in the line or that the gas is not able to move the gas through the line. You can check to see if the line is stopped up. First unplug the stove unit for safety and ensure that the gas line valve is turned off so that the gas stops coming through the line. Then check the lines to ensure that there are no stoppages. If you have an electric range, it could be that the heating element went bad and needs to be replaced. You can find these fairly easily in the store. Always make sure that the unit is unplugged before you investigate any parts.

Burnt Out Light Bulb

If you notice that the light in the oven won’t come on, you may just need to replace the bulb inside. Replacing the bulb is not difficult to do. First unplug the unit and then open the oven door and find the bulb. Unscrew the bulb from the socket and replace the bulb with a new one. Plug the unit back in and test to see if the bulb works. If it does, problem solved.

Door Gasket Difficulties

Over time, the door gaskets can become old and corroded. The door won’t seal up and the heat can escape all around the door. When this happens, the food may take longer to cook or bake and you may not have a way to completely heat your meal alternatively. The best solution for that is to replace the gasket. This is easy to do on your own and requires a replacement gasket. However, if your gasket is located between the front and back sections of the oven door, in between the two, you will not be able to replace the gasket yourself. You will need to call a professional to do this job.

Dirty Burners

Burners get dirty as they are used. When they become clogged, they won’t allow contact and ignite the eye. Soak the burners on a regular basis in warm water and soap. Allow to dry and replace.