Common Issues Related With Your Washing Machine Timer

Now, the truth is that there are a few parts in your washing machine which are going to assist it in functioning in a controlled and operational manner. One of these, which control the main panel, is the timer. This is also responsible for the overall control of the supply of power to other components of the washing machine. The features as well as the functionalities of this may vary based on the brand of the machine you’ve decided to buy.

Now, the primary function of the timer is to make the machine perform the washing in a specified time frame. The start switch is usually included as part of the timer and it is designated to indicate the starting of a procedure. However, in certain situations the timer might malfunction, causing a complete mess. Hopefully these tips are going to help you out should that happen.

Common Issues with the Timer

Now, certain essential functions which are usually controlled by the timer will include the filling of the tub, the draining process as well as the setting of the water level in the wash tub as well as the duration of the washing cycle itself. If you’ve used the machine for a prolonged amount of time, this could have damaged the wires which are connected to the timer itself. This could actually disrupt the washing cycle. If the wires aren’t properly plugged or they are damaged, this could lead the timer to depict the wrong time on the display and this can easily disrupt the entire washing process.

How to Rectify this Problem

Like any part of the washing machine, the timer is going to have to be in proper position in order for the appliance to function properly. If you are experiencing a problem with the timer, it might be a call for repairs. The best thing you could do is to call a professional because this isn’t something that you should be handling on your own unless you have the necessary technical experience, of course.

How to avoid the problem

One of the things that you should consider is keeping the timer dry at all times. If you spray water on it, this could damage it dramatically. In order to prevent problems in the timer, you should also try to clean the machine after you use it. Even though replacing the timer with a new one might seem like the obvious and easy solution, keep in mind that this isn’t an easy task and it most definitely should be carried out by a professional. With this in mind, do not hesitate to call an appliance repair company should you experience such issues. It is important that you shop and compare prices and quality of service before you hire a company to repair your washing machine. Make sure that the company is licensed, insured and bonded so that you are covered under all circumstances.