Actions To Take If Dishwasher Door Will Not Close

Typically, a dishwasher turns on when the door gets shut firmly. Yet, sometimes, that same door refuses to close. What can be done to correct that problem, so that the dishwasher can do its intended job?

First, before you do anything else, turn the dishwasher’s circuit breaker off. Then proceed with the next steps.

Check to see if the strike plate contacts the door. If it does not, you will need to loosen the screw on the strike plate and adjust it. If the strike plate does not need re-adjustment, you probably need to fix the latch.

Steps to fixing the latch

You must realign the latch. Start by removing the securing fasteners on the inner door panel. This provides you with access to the door latch assembly. Be sure that you do not remove the entire panel.

• Loosen the 2 securing bolts on the door latch.
• Next raise the door and align it with the strike panel.
• After completing that alignment, lower the door and tighten the latch’s bolts.
• Next put the inner door panel screws back in place.
• At that point you are ready to close the door.

Close the door and turn the dishwasher’s circuit breaker back on. Now you should be able to get your dishes washed by the dishwashing machine. If you know that the strike plate is broken, you should have things working after completing the first couple steps. If you find that the latch must be re-aligned, the entire process will take longer. Do not rush to get this done. You will run into real problems if you overlook or mess up with certain steps.

–If you do not turn off the circuit breaker, you could get shocked.

–If you rush and remove the entire inner door panel, you will create extra work for yourself.

If you cannot get the door to close after seeing that the strike plate contacts the door and also re-aligning the latch, you will have to contact a professional appliance repair technician in Brantford.

When that technician arrives, explain what you have already tried. That should help to reduce the amount of time that the same professional must spend at your home. Find out what you can do in the future in order to avoid a repetition of the recent door problem. Ask the technician how long a re-aligned latch can be expected to remain in the same position.

Invite information on any action that can destroy that re-alignment or can cause the strike panel to lose contact with the door. Share that same information with all those members of your household that fill the dishwasher with plates and glassware, and then turn it on.