Dealing With Ice Maker Problems

Obviously, you cannot deal with an ice maker’s problems, if you fail to recognize their existence. By the same token, you may struggle to identify a problem, if you do not know how an ice maker works. Consequently, this blog posts seeks to provide you with that information. (more…)

Water Heater Problems And Troubleshooting

When you turn the hot water knob or lever on, you expect the water to heat up. When it don’t, you find yourself taking a very cold shower and wondering what is going wrong and how much is it going to cost you to repair the problem. The water heater is an appliance that is never appreciated until the warm water turns to cold or there is a leak around the appliance. But you can prevent a lot of days where the cold water is all you have by following these tips. Whether you are experienced or not, you can save yourself time and money before calling an appliance repair professional in Brantford to handle the smaller issues.

Locate the Problem

If your hot water heater stops working, you will want to check two places:
• Look at the tap to see if the water coming out of it is rusty or if it has an odor
• Look over the unit itself. Do you hear any noises coming from the appliance? Is there a puddle of water around the base of the water heater?
Sometimes just taking time to observe and look around will quickly lead you to the issue at hand. Additionally, you can call in appliance repair service.

No hot water

If you find that there is no hot water, you may want to look at the pilot first. The pilot light should be lit and you should see it glowing from within the appliance where it is protected. If the pilot isn’t working, the thermocouple may need to be replaced.

Not enough hot water

If you notice that the hot water quickly disappears as soon as you get your turn in the shower, you may just need to upgrade to a larger sized water heater. However, if you have recently replaced the water heater and you are still not getting enough hot water, there could be a couple of issues wrong, one being the heating element if the appliance is electric or the assembly if your appliance is gas.

Rusty water

If you notice that the water that comes out of it is rusty colored, there could be some type of corrosion located inside the tank. This is normally can caused by an anode rod. This is actually designed to prevent rust from building up inside. You can replace this rod with an anode rod or a magnesium rod in order to cure this problem.

Stinky water

If the water has an odor coming from both the hot and the cold taps, then you most likely have an issue with your water source. Try installing a sulfur water filter and then flush the tank completely before you refill it again.

Water heater is whining or pounding

If you notice these white flakes, this could most likely by from calcium or magnesium build up. You will be able to get rid of them by flushing the tank and then cleaning these flakes from the tank as well as the elements. They will most likely find their way back again.

Water on the floor

When you notice water on the floor, there could be a few sources to look at:
• Drain valve
• Pressure relief valve
• Gas control valve
• Electric heating element
• Nearby pipes
Don’t let this issue go unaddressed. If you can’t find the source, you may be looking at replacing the tank.

Is It The Right Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Have you been thinking a lot about upgrading your heating and cooling system in your home? Every year, homeowners need to make that same decision and for some, it may not come easy. While you have to factor in the cost of a new system, you also need to consider the size that you will need, do you need heating and cooling on one unit, and do you need to consider ductless. You should also know if your HVAC unit is fueled by gas, oil, or electricity. (more…)

Gas Grill Safety Tips

Grilling season is a great time to go over all the safety tips necessary to know when grilling for a holiday, for friends and family, or just because you want to. Grilling is a great way to relax and unwind while enjoying the outdoors and eating food. Gas grills make it easy to do just that and you don’t have to deal with the open fire. (more…)